Perk of the Job is a new AND UNIQUE way to learn and develop.


Being trained and developed is the number 1 Perk that people want in their job BUT .................. there are 2 main barriers to training and development. No TIME and No BUDGET!


If you employ people, your business pays Perk of the Job a monthly subscription (no lock-in period) starting from only £ 250 a month (that is per business NOT per person) and all of your staff have unlimited access 24/7.


Private users pay £ 24.99 a month.


We provide learning where delegates can choose a personal or business development skill to learn - they read it, learn it and finish that topic completely in only 15/20 minutes - TRULY BITE-SIZE. Clever I.T. runs in the background logging a record of the learning, plus delegates complete their own personal action plans during the learning to make sure that what they have learnt can be built back into the business. In reality you end up with your own quasi Learning Management System. If your staff have children, then their children can access their own Young Learner section to develop 10 core 'soft skills' that should be covered in school but are not! There is no extra charge for this - it is another Perk of the Job.


                      'We improved our Time Management in only 20 minutes!'     


Our specially tailored material is a concise, straight to the point collection of JUST THE FACTS. This allows new key skills to be learned that can be immediately transferred into the workplace.

The opportunity is here....

The opportunity is PERK OF THE JOB.

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Every Month

Perfect for Self Driven Individuals

Business Package



Every Month

Perfect for managers to motivate all of their staff

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