• Each individual user will be able to view a history of all of the topics, in each of the sections, which have been read. When a young learner reads a topic, their parent/guardian can view what has been read in the ‘Young Learners’ section.
  • The company administrator will have the option to sign-in and view all of the topics that have been viewed by their employees.

    The user will be encouraged to print out and fill in a ‘Personal Action Plan’ to aide with their learning. These could be requested by the employer to view what has been learned and how the user intends to put these new skills into practice.
  • Perk of the Job’s learning materials have been compiled using our extensive knowledge and experience of training and personal development, which we have gathered and refined both in the U.K. and Internationally for nearly two decades.
  • We have tailored our learning materials to a target audience aged between 12 and 16. However, as people learn and develop at different paces, some users who fall into this age bracket may find it beneficial to read not only the ‘Young Learners’ material, but also to read the rest of the learning materials. Equally, some individuals under the age of 12 may also find benefits in reading the ‘Young Learners’ material.
  • We provide learning materials for the user to develop themselves. We also provide ‘Young Learners’ material, so the user’s children and family can learn and prepare themselves for the world of work.

    Let us not forget, a business that provides something for its employees is providing them with a Perk of the Job!!
  • We’re a Perk of the Job!! The employer is paying to allow their employees, and their families, the opportunity to learn and develop themselves by being signed up to Perk of the Job.
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