At Perk of the Job, we recognise the need to continually improve and develop. We offer a new style of personal and business development, which allows you to update, develop and refine your skills in the workplace at your own pace. You can learn new skills and acquire knowledge and ideas that you can immediately put into practice.

We bring learning and development directly to you. Any time you have access to the Internet, you have access to Perk of the Job. Develop yourself at a pace that suits you. With our unique précis of learning materials, which have been refined over nearly two decades, you can get straight to the point. Read, learn, and apply your new skills in minutes, not days.

In addition to our core service that provides training and development for businesses and their employees, our passion for life-long learning has lead Perk of the Job to develop our unique ‘Young Learners’ section of materials. If employees have children aged around 12 years or older, then the children have the chance to develop themselves, and to benefit from getting a head start in the world of business.

The value put on family is clearly an important factor for today’s employees. SAS, the U.S. business software solution giant, was voted Number 1 in the 2011 Fortune magazines ‘Top 100 companies to work for’. One of the major reasons for this is the benefits that they offered their workers' children.

Personal Development and Learning is an important part of any business, not just for the benefit of the company, but for the benefit of its employees. People want to learn new skills and to develop themselves, and relish being given the opportunity to do so. Nando’s restaurant, voted Number 1 in the 2010 Sunday Times Best 25 big companies to work for poll, says that around 75% of their budget is invested in learning and development.

One major objection to ‘traditional’ training is that companies, especially those with fewer employees, simply cannot allow their employees days out of the office just to complete a training course on only one specific subject. With Perk of the Job, your employees can have access to personal and business development subjects without losing days of productivity time.

There is a long list of topics that we cover. Some of which are:


            - Presentation Skills

            - Teamworking

            - Time Management

            - Selling Skills

            - Customer Service

            - Telephone Skills

            - ISO 9000

            - Project Management

            - Total Quality Management



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